Doctor, Legalize Your Cash Practice in 30 Minutes and Avoid Costly Audits!

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  • What is and isn’t legal with a cash discount system
  • What kind of cash discounts you can offer
  • How to train your staff to run the program within 30 minutes
  • How to simplify your paperwork
  • How to convert your insurance patients to your cash program
  • How to keep more patients once their insurance runs out
  • How to build a larger family practice
  • How to market your practice through our local internet marketing system
  • How to become a preferred provider for our national marketing plan
  • How to do it all in 30 minutes…FREE!
  • and much more!

As a chiropractor you work hard to keep your insurance procedures correct.  Unfortunately, many of us don’t know or neglect the cash practice rules, which could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars if you are ever audited.

Prevention of problems is easy but vitally important.  Just enter your name and email address here to learn the rules and protect you and your practice in the event of an audit.

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